Planning for our Summer Reading Program is underway. Great things are happening at the library this summer. New this summer will be the Monday activities specifically for ages 10 and up. There will be a Lego Camp in the morning and  MakerSpaces projects in the afternoon. These projects require lots of materials. If you could help us out, it would be greatly appreciated.

Makerspace at your libraryNeeded are:
Empty 29 oz metal cans (including lids, even if they have been removed)
scrap fabric (solid colors)
t-shirts-solid colors with no print or pictures on them (not white)
paper towels
5″x7″ blocks of soft wood
toilet paper and paper towel tubes
empty tissue boxes
diaper wipes
1-inch nails with heads
project boards (white or colored)
adult-sized scissors

What are MakerSpaces?

“Maker spaces —workshop areas that encourage tinkering and creating—and other interactive community spaces have been popping up in unexpected places.

One of the newest homes for these collaborative environments has been in public libraries. Many of these spaces expose young learners to STEM skills, and help kids make the connection between what they learn in classrooms and real-world applications.”

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