My name is Morgan, and I am Wilson County Library's Digital Navigator. This page goes over the things I can help you with in a one-on-one setting.

All the Things

Setting up a new computer or device

If you just bought a new computer, phone, or tablet and want help making sure it's personalized for your needs, bring it on down!

Help with your older device

Is your computer running slow or giving you weird pop-up messages? I can help!

Internet: the Final Frontier

Maybe you have the phone thing down but you don't have any internet and want to change that. I can help you find the internet package that's right for you. Concerned about the cost of an internet bill? Ask me about the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)!


Additionally, I can help you learn safe browsing skills and how to avoid scams (it seems to get trickier every day).

The Northstar Digital Literacy course

Northstar is an online educational course that helps you build skills in essential areas of computer use, like using email and various office programs like Microsoft's Word. You have the option of completing the training and assessment quizzes for your own use, or if you want a certificate to show an employer, we offer proctored tests as well.

How to reach me



Walk-in (subject to location and availability)

(830) 393-7361

Sam Fore Jr. Library, Floresville, TX