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Outdoor Learning Space

Kids Playing with Chalk
Outdoor Study Group
Story Time
Gardening Class
Kid's Playing Outdoor

OUR MISSION is to create an outdoor learning space where nature, learning and play collide.

The outdoor learning space will be a place where children can witness the wonders and beauty of the outdoors in a safe and welcoming environment. Our new library has a beautiful tree that sits inside an under developed courtyard that will draw young library visitors to the outdoors. Within our 75 foot square enclosure, we have planned for outdoor classrooms, a jungle gym, mini gardens, scattered picnic tables, and a small stage for family night movies or performances. Meandering through these areas will be a brick walkway honoring and memorializing our patrons who generously donate to this program.

Our primary goal with this outdoor classroom/ garden is to provide a space for parents and children to disconnect from their digital worlds and reconnect with family as they explore the outdoors.

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