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What should I read next?

Looking for an author similar to one you've read? Try out this Literature-Map, by gnod, the global network of discovery. Discover, explore and read: The closer two writers are on the map, the more likely someone will like both. Enter a name, then to discover more click on another name on the map and continue the journey.


Want a surprise read? Try a Book Bag! Sign-up is currently over, but try back this spring for the April Bag.

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GoodReads: Best Books of 2022 available to check out:

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At the library:


2022 Staff Picks

Becca Upchurch 2022 Favorites
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Reading Posts.png
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Thalia Hernandez 2022 Favorites
Nikki Myrick 2022 Favorites
Vicki Kimball 2022 Favorites


Jane Yelvington McCallum (La Vernia)
meets the 2nd Friday of the month 10:30 am in La Vernia

 2022-2023 Schedule

October 14- Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr

November 11- One Coffee With by Margaret Maron

December 9- The Bible of Clay by Julia Navarro

Jan. 13 - "Carnegie's Maid" by Marie Benedict

Feb. 10 - "Betrayal of Anne Frank" by Rosemary Sullivan

Mar. 10 - "A Good Neighborhood" by Therese Anne Fowler

Apr. 14 - "Knock, Knock" by Anders Roslund

May 12 - "The Reading List" by Sara Adams

Jun 9 - "Ready Player One" by Ernest Klein

Jul 14 - "Love in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Read-a-Likes:  If you loved....then try:

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