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Mike Rowe Works Foundation

"We're rewarding hard workers. Through this program, we recognize people who understand the importance of work ethic, personal responsibility, delayed gratification, and a positive attitude. These are hardworking men and women who will keep the lights on, water running, and air flowing.We recognize that a good education doesn’t always require a four-year degree. "

Interested in trade school?

COLLEGE Information

Affordable Colleges Online - Free and comprehensive directory of not-for-profit colleges that offer fully accredited online programs at a reasonable price.

Choosing a College- Why accreditation Matters - How do you know if the college you are considering is really worth it?

College Atlas - College Atlas is a digital news and information platform that empowers students and the academic community to make more informed decisions about higher education.

College Affordability Guide -  list of colleges that are likely to be the best value for the money

Online Colleges in Texas - Our company strives to be your main resource in online education, whether you’re an experienced online learner, a current student, or are considering attending college online. (

Choosing a College Major - How to Choose a Major in 9 Steps - The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Major - Guide to Choosing College Majors

Scholarship  Information - available scholarships database

Scholarships and Financial Aid in Texas - a listing of available scholarships and financial aid grants and awards. - get matched to scholarships - a scholarship search platform

Tx Comptroller - college savings plans 

Budgeting & Finances:

Guide to Budgeting in College for Students "College is a perfect time to begin developing and maintaining a budget. Use this guide on how to budget as a college student to learn budgeting tips, including how to budget financial aid funds and utilize a college budgeting template."

The Ultimate Guide to On-Campus Jobs for College Students "Working while in college can help students offset the costs of tuition and become integrated into campus culture. Read on to discover the best on-campus jobs."

How to Graduate from College Early "For most students, an undergraduate degree takes at least four years to complete. However, learning how to graduate from college early can save time and money."                                      

Why Is a College Student Budget Important? "Fortunately, students can greatly reduce potential financial strain by learning to budget with careful regard to their needs, limitations, and goals."                                              

Want to be a teacher?

Pursuing a career in teaching comes with many tasks to keep track of, such as passing credential tests and deciding on a grade level or subject to teach. has developed resources to help prospective teachers get started by providing them with comprehensive information they may need the most, such as:

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