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We can help you use your computer, tablet, or smartphone!

Digital Navigation Services

The Digital Navigation Program provides help to community members at every level of advancement to increase their access to internet services and technology. Through the program, library users are able to check out computer and wireless hotspot devices that they can practice using in the comfort of their own home.

The goals of our digital navigation program are to help county residents obtain access to life-enhancing technology and feel comfortable and confident while using it. We aim to accomplish this through guided and personalized instruction to improve technical, research, and digital literacy skills for patrons.

Book 1 on 1 appointments , Get help with accessing, connecting, and using your devices, or Build digital research skills and increase digital literacy.


Free continuing education courses provided through some of the best universities in the country.

Harvard University

The Ivy League institution is devoted to global learning and educational equity, and offers a host of online courses on a variety of subjects including science and business.

Education Resources

Here are some resources to help you further your education and technology goals. We have included a mix of free and for-profit services, and some have free education but certification has associated costs.

Free Code Camp

freeCodeCamp is a donor supported non-profit organization that offers a variety of coding classes.

Cisco Training

Cisco now offers training courses and certifications at a variety of technological proficiency levels that can be purchased individually or by companies.

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT offers several programs that provide free education and continuing/professional training. Certifications are available.


Internet  Resources

Here are resources that can help you gain access to the internet service that matches your needs.

Affordable Connectivity Program

A federal program for lower income homes that provides financial assistance for internet services by reducing your bill by $30

Connected Nation

Connected Nation provides broadband coverage maps for your area, as well as links to community assistance resources via providers or the federal government.

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